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660 - R3-LB - Lockable electric strike - 43,57 zł

Photo Lockable electric strike
Technical data
Product: R3-LB
Full name: Lockable electric strike
Retail price: 43,57 zł
Description: The electric strike is designed to open the wicket (door) from the house interior with a button. We have 3 types of electric strikes: 1) an electric strike releasing the gate at the time of pressing the button (R3-L). 2) a lockable electric strike, that is with a little slider in the electric strike itself. The gate, after having been unlocked, must be pushed to get the lock jump off the strike plate (our guests will have to open the gate for themselves or when we go out for a while we may want to have the gate open upon our return) (R3-LB). PROPOSED ABOVE. 3) an electric strike releasing the gate from the moment of pressing the button to the moment when the gate is pushed open. It so called electric strike with a memory. (It remembers that the gate has to be opened, so the guests who are supposed to arrive in a moment will push the gate and will be let in. The next guest will find the gate locked again.) (R3-LP).