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106 - GAP 40x60 - Lock cassette made of a 40x60 section - 22,05 zł

Photo Lock cassette made of a 40x60 section
Figure Lock cassette made of a 40x60 section
Technical data
Product: GAP 40x60
Full name: Lock cassette made of a 40x60 section
Retail price: 22,05 zł
Description: The GAP 40x60 lock cassette is designed to be welded in the frame of a gate. It is adapted to locks produced by the MetaliK company, such as ZW1 and ZR1, although it is also suitable for locks of the same size from other companies. The holes for the handle are embossed to allow equipping it with bearings. Our company sells the “K” door handles adapted to the embossings and the width of the lock cassette. It ensures a very long service life. The lock cassette is closed at both ends with two welded in plates. We offer door handles and door pulls with escutcheons (WKK, WKP, WPP) that match the lock cassettes.
Lock cassette - 1 pc.
40x60x246 (mm)