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160 - KE - Electric strike cassette - 28,68 zł

Photo Electric strike cassette
Figure Electric strike cassette
Technical data
Product: KE
Full name: Electric strike cassette
Retail price: 28,68 zł
Description: The KE electric strike cassette serves as an electric strike case (box) and can be easily mounted to the brick pillar of a wicket (gate), two wing gate or other doors. It can also be mounted to fence posts or steel/wooden rails, as it has 4 mounting holes. Electric strikes produced by Polish companies, such as Biratronik and Elektra Plus Poznan or many more produced by foreign companies can be used with the cassette. The dimensions of these electric strikes are 22x28 and 5x90. The cassette is sold without an electric strike. The electric strike cassette is universal, which means that it is suitable both for right and left hand doors. It is possible due to a two-piece design of the cassette (the body is made of a closed profile and the angle bracket is a stop rabbate) and a two-side notch for the electric strike. Do kasety można stosować elektrozaczepy polskich firm Biratronik i Elektra Plus Poznań lub wiele importowanych. Wymiary tych elektrozaczepów to 22x28,5x90. Kaseta jest sprzedawana bez elektrozaczepu. Kaseta jest uniwersalna, czyli nadaje się do drzwi prawych i lewych. Umożliwia to dwuczęściowa budowa kasety (korpus z profilu zamkniętego i kątownik będący przylgą oporową) i obustronne wycięcie pod elektrozaczep.

Note: Not every type of electric strike can be fitted into the cassette. An example of a good one can be seen in the picture.

Uwaga: Nie każdy typ elektrozaczepu można do kasety zamontować. Przykładowy dobrywidać na zdjęciu.

Electric strike cassette - 1 pc.